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Somaliland sun – The 7th China International Rubber Oil Summit 2016 will take place on April 6th-8th, 2016 in Hangzhou, China. It will serve as a bridge between RPO producers, traders and end users worldwide with a foothold in the local market. Meanwhile, the special RPO Spring Trade Fair will also be held simultaneously.

China’s tyre industry was beset with troubles at home and abroad in 2015, including trade barriers like antidumping and countervailing duties from the US and antidumping duties from the Eurasian Economic Commission, as well as major changes in production like bankruptcy of Deruibo Tyre and Capital Tyre and the shutdown of Giti Chongqing factory. Meanwhile, as China’s national standards for compounded rubber took effect on July 1st, 2015, the new criteria and changes in natural rubber tariffs placed the industry under cost pressure.

In 2015, the Chinese tyre industry made significant progress in overseas expansion: on May 28th, 2015, the first TBR tyre at LLIT, the first overseas manufacturing base of Linglong Tyre, was off the assembly line successfully; in November, Doublestar’s plan to set up a new tyre plant in Kazakhstan, the first overseas manufacturing base of Doublestar, was approved by the local government. Other 5 domestic tyre manufacturers owning overseas factories are Sailun Jinyu, Zhongce, Sentury, O’Green and Doublestar.

REACH Amendment (EU) No. 1272/2013, extended the PAHs limit from extender oils to rubber and plastic parts on a wide range of consumer articles, which means the trend of TDAE will continue in the future.

Apart from tyres, other downstream sectors like shoe materials, modified bitumen, TPE/TPR, vaseline, hot melt adhesives and lubricant blendstock are also appealing to investors.

Highlight of the summit — RPO Spring Trade Fair

To facilitate target customers, the trade fair will set three separate zones – overseas RPO suppliers zone, domestic RPO suppliers zone and downstream buyers zone.

· To create VIP rooms and space for communication and business talks between enterprises

· To display domestic supply and demand information collected by phone surveys

· To provide onsite support for business matchmaking and product promotion.

Preview of Speech Topics

· Overview of China’s tyre industry in 2015 and measures to deal with existing troubles

· Opportunities and challenges for oil-extended rubber industry in the future

· China’ shoe material market development and RPO demand

· Analysis of modified bitumen and waterproof sheet market and RPO demand changes

· Overview of RPO industry market in 2015 and outlook in 2016

· Overview of domestic and global NAP markets in 2015 and sales plan for 2016

· Overview of DAE market in 2015 and downstream trends

· TDAE market development

· Changes of imported RPO supply structure and market development

· Global resources structure and China’s RPO market potential

· New opportunities and challenges for paraffin

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