Somaliland- “Three in One” Role Model


brave citizens of Somaliland continue to celebrate in advance of the election party their third successful presidential elections

Somaliland sun – To many it seems normal now. All the communities are very excited. The collections of funds from all over the nation have started, employment opportunities are on the rise, hotels and conference facilities are booked in advance. Restaurants are full ofpeople; car rental companies will triple their profits, politicians are literally doing a 24 hour campaign till the last seconds of the voting day; by the way the Somaliland presidential election “party” is near- next year March. Many African countries and Muslim countries may never experience or reach this level of organisation (exception -Turkey) and the western nations should use this patriotic people’s brand of democracy as a simple of hope and inspiration. Something people really believe in from the villages in the outback to the commercial Hub ofHargeisa; Somaliland’s capital city.
This independent state (Where the African Union, European Union and the UN and the rest of the world continue to ignore, although they fund these process and have offices in the major cities?) is a “three in one” example that the worldshould keep talking aboutconstantly to provide a positive outlook, where a negative, depressing regional political mess crushes all hope. What do I mean by “three in one”; Very simple; Somaliland’s people are Muslims, they are located in Africa and they reached a peace settlement without international interference or peace keeping force. Western and global leaders I have one sentence for you- put your money where your mouth is !
Three reasons why these people and their communities should be rewarded and to rekindle their hope in a system brought to them by the British (Who have completely abandoned Somaliland instead of playing a vital role in their historical achievementsand become the first country to recognisetheir independence now- we fought with the British in World war II- Fact! Somaliland Camel Corps) in 1898. Where is BBC, NBC, ABC,CNN, Aljazeera reporters and the world media to celebrate this vision and inspiration? One ponders the reason why other nations (in Europe for example- Montenegro’s; their Population is less than 700,000 thousand- in comparison to Somaliland’s population of 2.5 million) usually find it easy to breakaway or gain independence, they either are “white” -“European” or “Christianity” is a major factor or is blessed in natural resources; unfortunately Somaliland lacks in all four categories. However their quest continues and may the force be with them!
The brave citizens of Somaliland continue to celebrate in advance of the election party; their third successful presidential elections. The whole country is buzzing with excitement. The registration processes has begun in some districts and in the traditional tea houses, the electionsis the centraldebate. This debate will conclude eventually, when every citizen completes their civic duty and vote their new Leader for another 5 years and they hope…..hope…..their long awaited dream will be realised inshallah!

Warsama Y. M. Aliqoys
Independent – Sydney Australia

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