Djibouti will not Normalize Relations with Israel-President Guelleh

Israel should first show goodwill to peace says President Guelleh

Somalilandsun: As the Israeli clamour for normalization of relations with Arab and Muslim countries continues, Djibouti has denied being in the bandwagon.

“What we all want the Israeli government to do is to show goodwill in the name of peace. But I’m afraid they will never do such a thing.”

This was stated by the Djibouti President Ismail Omer Guelleh as he revealed  that  his country would not follow the normalization steps with Israel taken by some countries from the Arab League.

Guelleh, the leader of Djibouti, which is home to many military bases due to its strategic location in the Horn of Africa, told The Africa Report Magazine that Israel has deprived Palestinians of their inalienable rights and therefore they are at odds with the Tel Aviv government.

Expressing that they will not follow the normalization steps taken by some Arab countries, Guelleh said, “What we all want the Israeli government to do is to show good will in the name of peace. But I am afraid they will never do such a thing.” said.

Noting that they openly support the government of Addis Ababa in the operation in Ethiopia, Gulle pointed out that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s negotiation step, not a military operation, against the rebel Tigray administration could lead to the division of the country.

Gulle stated that the only thing that her country, which generates the majority of its economic income from the port income, is to establish peace in Ethiopia as soon as possible.

Israel signed agreements to normalize relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain at a ceremony held in the White House on September 15.

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About a month after these agreements, US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan also reached an agreement with Israel to make peace and normalize its relations.

It was claimed in the Israeli press that Somaliland, which declared its unilateral independence from Somalia and has close ties with the UAE, would also get closer to Israel.