By: Moody Bodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland ambassador to the UK and also the chairman of the UK Diaspora Community presented the honorary award to the Min. of Interior Hon. Ali Mohamed Waranade in person at the ministry’s head offices in Hargeisa.

The ambassador said the award comes after evidence of public commitments on the part of incumbent minister in form of services to the Somaliland people and in particular his new initiatives of mobile police vehicle commonly known as 999 together with the peace mediation of the Eastern part of the country in calming down the warring clans.

He said “my name is Ali Awale Dahir I am the ambassador of Somaliland to the UK I am honored to hand over this honorary award from the UK Diaspora community to the minister on their behalf”.

The Min. on accepting the award thanked the ambassador and said “I am honored in receiving such a worthy credit,” and added, “I am proud to see how much fellow patriotic citizens to their Government and that is a right entitled to every Somaliland citizen,” he then continued in praising the role the UK Diaspora Community is playing by asserting that the Somaliland UK Diaspora Community has started a bureaucratic strategy called MY SOMALILAND in advocating and pushing for Somaliland’s recognition -a milestone step to take in the right direction.