Clashes between ONLF and Security Forces Leave 47 Ethiopians Dead in Kelefo Town


A platoon of ONLF fighters at unknown location somewhere in the Zone Five administrative region of Ethiopia

By: Ahmed Abdi

Somalilandsun – At least 47 civilians from Somali Ethnic group of Rer-Baare including students in their own classrooms by the Ethiopian Security Forces in Eastern town of Kelafo on Friday .This comes after ONLF fighters clashed with the Ethiopian forces in Gode and Ethiopian Forces took out their anger and frustration on the civilians.

The Ethiopian Security forces under the command of the Regional President of Abdi Mohamoud Omar and General Abraha indiscriminately kill and rape the civilians in the Occupied-Ogaden Region.The Ethiopian Security Forces have massacred 43 people from Habargidir tribe at kelafo and Mustahil in mid-December last year. The Ethiopian Security Forces killed a large number of civilians from Isaaq tribe in Gaashaamo and many other parts in the region .

The tension is too high,after the bitter fighting between ONLF and Ethiopian forces erupted at Gode Zone and more Ethiopian fighters have been deployed to the area since Friday afternoon.

Elders are very angry about the unnecessary killings of the civilians and they do not know who to bring their complaint since the Regional President is commanding the Liyu Police forces that committing the massacres against the civilians in the Ogaden region.

Ethiopian Security Forces kill,rape,torture,detain civilians in the Ogaden Region to control it with its Army Forces.Some of the the names that demised at kelafo that reached us are :

UImer Hadj Muhammad, Muniyer Adabi Muhammad, Kalid Muhammad Abdi, Hassen Ali Beleh, Hashi Haji Muhammad, Madebo Muhammad Abdi, Hadji Nur Muhammad, Madebo Muhammad Abdi, Mehalem Kalye Dewhali, Abresa Adem Muhammad, Hadji Nur Muhammad, Morye Muhammad Karr, Galew Abdi Yenus, Yesuf Remsa Adem, Kaliban Sarah Umerneh, Usman Abdele, Teni Muhammad Tar, Delg Ali Umar, Kalid Muhammad Abdele, Hassn Male Abdulahi, Yesuf Yehe, Jemal Umer Tebah, Muhammed Usaman Tobele, Ahmed Muhammad, Ali Kasim Kelene, Babul Darur, Kere Bade, Man Oreye Bade, Toreye Awi Bade, Abdi Sheklele, Ali Usman Kelele, Limo Alebade, Madih Abdulnur and Zuk Urr are among the victims of one of the shootings at Bakef Dir with twelve more others.