British Parliament debates impact of Ukraine war on Somaliland


London (Somalilandsun)- The British Parliament had a discussion about the impact of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia on developing countries including Somaliland.

The parliamentarians have expressed great concern about how the world, especially the developing countries had been affected by the war in Ukraine after Russia imposed a ban on food exports in Ukrainian ports that would be sold to the world, which caused prices to rise affecting the vulnerable region of the Horn of Africa.

MP Lord Stuart Polak from the British Conservative Party, who participated in the debate said that Somaliland, which does not have recognition, is one of the developing countries that was directly affected by the war in Ukraine

The MP pointed out that Somaliland is not capable of resisting the food shortage caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, so direct support is needed to withstand the threat of food shortage.

“Somaliland did not succeed to receive 20% of the international aid for the sake of lacking international recognition, so it would be great for Somaliland to have recognition, to get rid of hunger caused by the Russian ban on the Ukrainian ports. If Somaliland had an identity on the international stage, it would receive aid directly to protect its people from hunger,” said MP Lord Stuart Polark.

MP Stuart proposed to the Honorable Members of the UK Parliament and other international governments that Somaliland should get humanitarian aid to prevent hunger and famine.
Ukraine, along with Russia, produces most of the grain the developing countries depend on for their daily livelihood.

Since the beginning of the war, the world has faced a food shortage, which has led to the increase in the price of food, which Somaliland shares with the rest of the world.