15th HIFB Kicks off with Solidarity as this year’s theme


Hargeisa (Somalilandsun.com)- Vice-president H E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Sayli’i was the chief guest at this year’s Hargeisa International Book Fair. The event held annually by Somaliland Cultural Centre brings together authors around the world to showcase their work.

Speaking at the Book Fair the vice-president said, “Today is a great day for us to come to participate in the 15 anniversary of Hargeisa International Book Fair”.

The VP congratulated the founder of Somaliland Cultural Centre Dr. Jama Musa Jama for his vision to create this marvelous International platform for authors and cultural ambassadors.

He said that the Director of the Hargeisa Cultural Centre had transformed it into what it is today, an international bonanza for authors.

He praised Director Jama for promoting Somaliland internationally.

Vice President said, “Hargeisa International Book Fair has made it possible for international friends of Somaliland to come to visit the country. Many intellectuals have also come to share their experience and expertise.”

Speaking at the opening of the event, The Chairman of the Hargeisa Cultural Center, Dr Jama M. Jama, said that they are celebrating 15 years of great progress at HIBF.

“Welcome to the 15th Anniversary of the Hargeysa International Book Fair. It is such an honour and pleasure to have you with us, for full six days of packed programming, readings, books, and for those who came to Somaliland for the first time, a learning process and knowing this country, its people, the inspiration and the willingness of this youth; the love for art and togetherness.

It has been 15 years of revolution for the culture of reading and writing, the crucial passage from an oral society to written culture, started in Hargeisa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland, known as “The Mother of Modern Art”, but spread to the entire Horn of Africa and beyond.” Said Dr Jama.

“15 years of invitation of 14 African countries, to connect each of them to Somaliland, and among them, to build pan-African ties through literature, to know each other,

15 years of discussing 15 different themes that reflect on the situation of this country and its own people, and allow its people to meditate and come up with solutions to the challenges of nature: what is culture if not learning from, developing, and shaping an answer to the fundamental questions that the nature asks the humanity; the collective reactions of the actions of the harsh nature of this world; political natural and man-made injustice and conflicts; learning from the odd, raising from the ash, and building this beauty of Somaliland we are enjoying today.”

At the opening various government officials, Hargeisa Mayor and diplomats from England and Taiwan, and Dahabshil made speeches that praised the 15th anniversary of HIBF and called to take advantage of it.

Teenagers who are overwhelmingly interested in culture & writing have filled the center, and anticipate attending during the six days.