Battle for Alleged MPs Representing Somaliland in Somalia Goes International

Speaker of Somalia's upper house of parliament Abdi Hashi with SRSG Somalia James Swan in Mogadishu-file photo


The Somali government’s plan to hold elections by February 2021 is facing resistance from opposition groups, especially speaker of the upper house  displeased with the choices to represent their clans in the first round of voting.

Somalia holds indirect elections in which clans choose members of parliament through special elections.  Then the 275 lawmakers and 59 senators elect the president.

While the various entities with a stake in the elections have their diverse procedural meet to grind most poignant is the one on who has authority to select MPs allegedly  representing  Somaliland in the selection elections in  Mogadishu

While Somaliland a former British protectorate withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful Union with neighbouring  Somalia a former Italian colony almost three decades ago authorities of the International community prop Somalia federal government still alludes to jurisdictional authority.

With this divide in which Somaliland is a sovereign  country though unrecognized  international Somalia a war torn country whose president  and government are guarded by foregn forces a funny 4.5 representation  in parliament and other governing organs dictates the presence of alleged Somalilanders.

With Somaliland categorically of of its sovereignty thence none Involvement in issues internal to Somalia more so its elections  the authority to appoint its  alleged representatives in Mogadishu never cease.

From accusations of president Farmajo ursuprping the constitution by establishing and appointing members of a selection committee for Somaliland reps, usually a big battle with speaker of the upper house of Parliament Abdi Hashi Abdulahi has now extended to the international community , read federal government paymasters.

Speaker Abdi Hashi who is originally  from Somaliland thence a traitor and person non grata in his place birth has after failing to win battle of wits with Villa Somalia, appealed to the international community via a letter to UN Secrersry General  Representstive to Somalia Ambassador James Swan.l as well as the AU.

The  speaker who is also the senior-most elected leader from Somaliland told the UN and the African Union, Somaliland, like all other Federal Member Member States has the right to appoint its own committee and should not be dictated by anyone.

“The President and his team who are running for office have appointed my constituency election committee, thus the president and his team have become judge and jury,” Hashi said.

Acording to a report by HOL he directed blame at Farmaajo, his Prime Minister Mohamed Roble and the head of the intelligence agency Fahad Yasin for ‘gerrymandering the process to select supporters to represent the North in the next parliament.’

Noting that federal lawmakers from Somaliland safeguarded the unity of Somalia, Hashi said, ‘it is only ffitting that the formation of the election committees for the Northern Somali Unionist MPs are formed under a consensus based formula which is inclusice to all parties from the northern regions’.

Hashi’s remarks add to the increasing pressure on President Farmaajo to keep off the Somaliland issue. Eminent scholar Professor Abdi Samatar warned last week Farmaajo was fomenting a civil war in the manner in which he was handling the election issue.

Villa Somalia and security agents are conniving and these mistakes could result in a civil war,” said Professor Samatar. “What’s happening,” the university don and political activist said amounted to “political rape.”

Twelve presidential candidates and opposition parties last week also protested the move by Villa Somalia calling on the president to rescind his decision

Below letter

Letter of Appeal from speaker of Sonalia ipper house of Parliament Abdi Hashi to SRSG Somalia James Swan

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