“Avenues Exist for Beneficial Somaliland-Somalia Cooperation” UK Envoy


UK envoy to Somalia Ambassador David Concar

Somalilandsun – The United Kingdom just like other members of the international community does not recognize Somaliland as a sovereign nation, thence considered part of Somalia.
This was stated by the British envoy to Somalia Ambassador David Concar during and interview with BBC Somali service in Nairobi where he also revealed that the Non recognition does not impinge on the acknowledgment of successful achievement accorded Somaliland by his country.
Stressing on the importance the U.K. attaches to a diverse range of issues pertinent to the Horn Region, Ambassador Concar said that his government is in pursuit of creating harmonious Relations between Hargeisa and Mogadishu based authorities.
“I am optimistic that in the near future Somaliland and Somalia both in pursuit of a people’s oriented policies shall be cooperating in issues like people’s education and Health” said Amb Concar
According to the British diplomat the envisage working partnership between the two formerly United countries that separated 26 years ago as pertains intelligence sharing shall have a major security impact in the turbulent Horn region.

David Concar was appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Somalia in succession to Ms Harriet Mathews OBE, the first woman to serve in that capacity at the U.K. mission in Somalia who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment.
Ambassador Concar took up his Somalia post in January 2017.

Visit http://www.bbc.com/somali/40469391