Australians and Danes Fear Cyber Attacks More than Covid-19-Report

australians and danes fear cyber attack more than covid

Somalilandsun: The year 2020 presented us with a new challenge — Covid-19, which has impacted the majority of the world.

Nevertheless, according to data presented by the Atlas VPN team, 70% of Australians and 66% of Danes named cyber attacks as the primary threat to their countries when asked about top global risks.

The report shows that:

· A total of 70% of Australians and 66% of Danes named cyber attacks the number one threat to their country.

· Cyber attacks came in as the second most frequently mentioned major risk in South Korea (83%) and the US (74%) after the spread of infectious diseases.

· If we consider data from all 14 countries, 65% of people see cyber attacks as a primary concern, while only 4% believe that cyber attacks do not present any threat to their countries.

· Cyber attacks from other countries are perceived as the fourth most serious risk globally, only behind global climate change (70%), the spread of infectious diseases (69%), and terrorism (66%).

Generally, over 50 year-olds are more likely to name global threats, including cyber attacks, as major concerns.

The full report covers additional statistics on the perception of global threats in countries where cyber attacks were cited among the top major risks, including Australia, Denmark, the United States, and South Korea. The report also provides data on the perception of global threats based on the age group

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