Admiral Mohamed Omar of ONLF Leader in South Africa


Admiral M Omar

Somalilandsun – The leader of Ogaden National Liberation Front “ONLF” Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman, the secessionist group fighting for the independence of Ogaden Region in the eastern of Ethiopia has reached in South Africa’ Pretoria town on Tuesday.

The source close to the ONLF told Ogadentoday Press through the phone that senior members of the ONLF are also with the leader in the journey, source added.

Speaking to Ogadentoday, the source said the leader and the other senior members are participating the conventional meeting of Ogaden Communities around the world which is held on yearly.

The meeting will be gathered over 60 communities around the world.

The meeting will continue for three days and will be focus on the current issue of Ogaden, the struggle of the people of Ogaden led by ONLF, human right, political and economic issue in the region.

The security of the meeting hall is highly tightened by the government of South Africa and the Ogaden community living in the country.

The recent interview of Ethiopian Prime minister Hailemaraim Deseglam over the political and armed opposition’s labels the group as terrorist but International community and the people of Ogaden considers ONLF as, secessionist group fighting for their right and independence.

Ogadentoday Press.