A statement by the Somaliland Foreign Ministry on the funeral of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi


Late Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles ZenawiBy: Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A government delegation led by President of the Republic of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud Silanyo travelled to Addis Ababa to attend the funeral of the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Meles Zenawi. The delegation paying tribute to the respected East African leader also include the First Lady, Foreign Minister and the Presidential Affairs Minister.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an invitation to Somaliland to take part in the proceedings under the same protocol arrangements granted to other foreign governments.  Prime Minister Zenawi’s funeral took place on 2 September and was attended by other heads of state and government. The Somaliland delegation honoured an exceptional leader who ensured prosperity and development for his people, and contributed enormously to peace and development initiatives throughout the Continent.  In side meetings, the delegation also take the opportunity to reassure the international community that Somaliland will play a positive role in maintaining regional peace and stability.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Somaliland and Ethiopia experienced a substantial deepening of relations. The two countries have established diplomatic representations and consular ties; have increased their trade ties; have worked to secure borders and address anti-peace elements in both states; and have actively participated in bilateral, regional and international efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.  Somaliland’s attendance at the funeral demonstrates its ongoing commitment to continue working closely with the people and government of Ethiopia, thus ensuring that the warm and cooperative relations which the late Prime Minister nurtured continue to grow.