As Ethiopia Reports Covid 19 Infection Somaliland Stops Issuance of Visa and Kenya Bans all Public Events

Kenyan health workers prepare for cases of the new coronavirus at the Mbgathi District hospital in Nairobi. Photographer: Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

Somilandsun: The government of Somaliland has reacted to the first report of Coronavirus in Ethiopia with a ban on the issuance of visas

‘following the report of the first case of Coronavirus infection in Ethiopia we have stopped issuance of visas to citizens of this country wishing to visit Somaliland’ informed the Deputy Somaliland to Ethiopia  Barkhad Mohamed Kaariye while urging somalilanders in Ethiopia to observe relevant hygiene measures geared towards avoiding infection.

With the covid 19 virus coming closer home it is hoped that the government in Hargeisa is well prepared with not only testing kits but strategies for quarantine.

Apart from reported infection in neighbouring Ethiopia another country in the vicinity to report covid 19 in its territory is Kenya whose health minister informed that a female citizen is currently receiving treatment at Mbagathi hospital in Nairobi.

The woman arrived back in Kenya from the US via London and all people she has been in contact with during her flight back and in the few days she stayed in the country are being pursued for testing.

Kenya has also banned all public events like sports, religious and others while Ethiopia is yet to announce what measures it is taking to deter spread of the virus which the world health organization has termed pandemic with Europe the new epi Centre after China stabilize.

So far 123000 cases of infections have been reported in over a hundred countries among them in the middle East like Iran, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain among others.