Why An Illegitimate Government Forces Somalia to Remain a Failed State-Essay


Somalilandsun – In order to appreciate the intricate aspects of Somalia as a failed state, it is important to review the socioeconomic construct of the Somali community, a predominantly pastrolist. The country, located at the eastern most part of Africa, commonly referred to as the Horn of Africa, is composed in single ethnic group, the Somalis. The Somalis are organized in clans and the population of single clan could run into hundreds of thousands (Coyne, 346). This clan system is very central to the community and defines the nature of relation in the country. For instance, if a member of clan A kills or injures a member of clan B, then the entire clan A owes clan B compensation and there is a structured system that defines how such disputes are to be settled. In some instances, settlement could run into hundreds of thousands heads of cattle. Each clan has a structured form of governance. This organization or clan system existed way before the colonization and the eventual independence of the republic.
The Republic of Somalia was created in 1960 after the British and Italian governments agreed to grant Somalia independence. The new republic was drafted in a manner that very much aped western style democracies with an elite bureaucratic form of government.

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