WHO should Modify Covid-Organic into a Vaccine Instead of Prophesying Doom in Africa

COVID-19 Traditional Medicine From madagascar

Somalilandsun: Dear brothers and sisters in Africa, if only we can follow the safety measures, then we are not going to be doomed as the prophets of doom have indicated. And measures are very simple, they include; regular washing of our hands with running water, proper wearing of a face mask, avoiding crowded places, keeping social distances, staying in our respective homes, avoiding handshakes, respecting the curfew regulations, respecting  lock-down regulations, voluntary testing, seeking medical assistance in time, being skeptical to social media perpetrated fake news, supporting of the vulnerable in our communities, avoiding ceremonies and religious congregations, respecting the quarantine rules, Strictly observing social isolations, avoiding drinking or sex working in quarantine places, and as well as doing some exercise in our respective places of isolation. If, we the living people of Africa, can accept to observe the above basics then I am sure the million deaths, as predicted concurrently by the Western media, Melinda Gates and World Health Organization (WHO), are not going to happen. And indeed,  the covid-19 related mass deaths is not going to take place in Africa, those in the West soothsaying  mass deaths in Africa are only driven by shame, sense of guilty, sadism, ignorance, professional dilettantism and traditional pedantry that always accompany racially induced bourgeoisie intellectualism, especially when the African question is under discussion .

The pandemic statured spread of Covid-19 is a universal challenge; Europe and America are also not safe. The same case to Australia and Japan. It is a strange pandemic that does not leave any leeway for Melinda Gates to predict that Africans are going to die in millions. It is the same case to World Health Organization; it should not be tempted by its tradition of humiliating Africa to justify the prediction that Africa is going to have its people die in millions when covid-19 will be at its peak in the region. We know that Africa has always been left in the lurch to undergo the shameful lorn of mass deaths from HIV, Ebola, Cancer, Malaria, Snake-bites and the out-breaks of the diseases of the digestive system. Africa has been abandoned to such medical related calamities in spite of huge riches, capital and technological resources being idle in America, Europe and in the custody most of the Western funded inter-governmental organizations. Throughout the previous decades of tyranny of HIV and Ebola virus in Africa, African countries have been reduced to defenseless borrowers of medical services from the Western World. Africa became a market for medical supplies by the scientifically developed economies. So, when covid-19 came, those in the likes of WHO, who are addicted to seeing Africa in shame did not wait to predict that, obviously, Africa will be the victim. It is my prayer; May God safe Africa from covid-19.

My prayer is not only an act of fatalism; it is an act of self-confidence borrowed from my experience of an African that saw the continent fight HIV and Ebola. Fighting Ebola and HIV gave Africa enough experience, we are not going to boondoggle in our war of resistance against covid-19, hence WHO must stop predicting doom for us, its prophesy need to be condemned. My contumacious contumely of WHO is motivated by its derogatory reaction to the laudable efforts by the herbal doctors in Madagascar, the efforts which came up with covid-19 organics, a herbal drug that helps in fighting the symptoms of covid-19 in five days. It is so sorry to note that when Madagascar launched covid-19 organics as an anti-covid-19 herbal medicine, WHO was among the first organizations to dismiss these para-medical efforts towards use of alternative medicine curing covid-19, it dismissed the covid – 19 organics for being devoid of efficacy. Even though, the same WHO did not out-rightly dismiss American Government for announcing that Hydrochloroquine cures covid-19, a misleading announcement that led to some deaths in Brazil. If it was evident in Madagascar that covid-organics successfully helped to cure the symptoms of covid-19 then it is logical point out that covid organics contain a clue to treatment of covid-19, WHO was supposed to adopt covid organics for modification into a scientifically water-tight drug.  My point of protest  in this juncture is about the out-right dismissal of covid organics being communicated by WHO without any tincture of scientific diplomacy . In fact considerate thinking would oblige WHO to recognize social-medical facts that covid-organics were already at the stage of mass usage in Senegal, Tanzania, Central Africa Republic and South Africa.

My dear brothers and sisters in Africa it is our highest time to take the military concept of Anthropocenes to our people in the villages and poor areas in our cities. It is imperative to learn that, this century is the century of Anthropocenes; just the same way the last century was the century of nuclear threat. The Monthly Review, an online Marxist Magazine, defines Anthropocenes as, ‘when human beings are having death causing viruses in their bodies so that they transfer or spread those viruses to other human beings they interact with’. The transfer of virus can be intentional or an intentional, the origin of the virus can be from nature, or through hand of a man with arsenal like intentions, or through hand of man as an act of inadvertence. Thus, the concept of Anthropocenes is when human beings carry death causing viruses in the bodies. A HIV positive person is an example of Anthropocenes, same to the Ebola positive and covid-19 positive persons. Such a century can be hard one for Africans, given that poverty and want has always forced Africans to be socially over-interactive due to over-crowding , a condition which enables Anthropocenes to be more deathly . Thus, my dear reader, permit me to classify covid-19 as a world class anthropocene agenda.

The same Monthly Review argues that Anthropocenes are created by bourgeoisie scientists in service to patrimonial capitalism. Unfortunately, the current commercial world is only made up of patrimonial capitalists and the current world of science is made up of bourgeoisie scientists. Even the current communities of scientists in China and Russia are also bourgeoisie in conscience. This is a clear denotation that there is currently no moral obligation among professional scientists to resist temptation to create Anthropocenes. What is going to happen can easily be predicted as nationalized race for manufacture of superior Anthropocenes between the bourgeoisie nations in the style of armament race that preceded the Second World War. The sorriest of all is when the over-spill of moral poverty will motivate patrimonial capitalists to use Anthropocenes as the invincible force which will obviously ignoble poor countries into desperate buyer markets for the products produced by bourgeoisie science, especially those items produced through bourgeoisie medical science.

My dear brothers and sisters in Africa, you are all aware of the virtue or even truth in a philosophy that crazy civilizations are never murdered, they always commit suicide. I am not able to tell who the brain-child of this philosophy was, I don’t know if it was first used by Gramsci, Trotsky or Engels. But the fact is that it was one of the philosophies used by Marxist scholars of the last century to dismiss the deadly mania for property in capitalism. Creation of Anthropocenes are some of such crazy mania in today’s patrimonial capitalism, their primary aim is weakening of the competitors and potential competitors. One should not be faulted to observe such kind of civilizations as very grandiose in aims, the aims that are never achieved, and if at all achieved the results are always pyrrhic.

It is on these bases that we promise prophets of doom that Africa will not languish under imported Anthropocenes. With some efforts like the appallingly  high level of discipline observed in administration of anti-covid-19 policy implementation in Uganda under the leadership of President Museven, the herbal medicine adventure in Madagascar and the level of political honesty displayed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, then there are indications  that the anthropocene pandemic of covid-19 will be defeated in Africa. It is also binding to this article to make a statement in regard to the poor level of pandemic response behaviour among the people of Kenya. Very many citizens, politicians and public officers in Kenya have not respected the curfew laws, some take bribes to compromise quarantine regulations, there is also sex working in some quarantine centers just as there is rampart corruption  among government officers in relation to use of covid-19 management fund. Such behaviors are void of moral alertness required for the moment; in fact Kenyan public servants have displayed brilliant mediocrity in their manner of executing public policy in relation to the fight against covid-19. It is so self-defeating, we have to rise above our village out-look, corruptions is village nationalism which cannot help us to protect ourselves during this tricky war of Anthropocenes. Vivam.

By-Alexander Opicho

From, Lodwar, Kenya