Weapons Statistics on Somalia at a Glance


Small Arms Cache in SomaliaUsing data from several weapons policy and prevention surveys we were able to extract key information about weapons policy and proliferation in Somalia. We hope it is of use to those looking to get general information about small arms throughout Somalia and if there are policies regulating their usage.

The surveys were taken between 2002 and 20011.


There are between 550,000 to 750,000 privately-owned firearms in Somalia

9.1 out of every 100 Somalis own a weapon

Out of 178 countries, Somalia ranks at #58 in total civilian firearm possession

Somalia ranks at #66 in rate of firearm possession of 178 countries

The number of registered firearms in Somalia is 14,000

The rate of firearm registration is 0.15 per every 100 people

The Somali defense forces possess 106,750 firearms

The Somali police possess 14,672 firearms

In 2008 the number of reported firearm homicides totaled 108

The rates of homicide for the following years were: 2002 – 33.10, 2004 – 3.30, 2008 – 1.5

In 2003, Somalia only exported $231 worth of small arms and ammunition

In 2011 a single export load from the UK to Somalia was recorded at $1,758 in value

The usual asking price for an AK47 assault rifle in Somalia is $160


It is illegal to manufacture firearms in Somalia without a license

Gun control legislation was introduced in 1963

It is prohibited by law for civilians to possess automatic firearms

Civilians may possess or acquire handguns and ammunition with proper licensing

It is not required by law to register a weapon or to record the sale of a privately-held weapon

Special markings on weapons are not required by law

Dealing weapons by way of business is prohibited without proper licensing

Signatory organizations

League of Arab States

African Union

Regional Centre on Small Arms

Wassenaar Arrangement

United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

United Nations Firearms Protocol

United Nations Small Arms Programme of Action

United Nations Small Arms Register

Sources: Small Arms Survey, International Firearm Injury Prevention and Policy