University of Burao Launches New Scholarship Sponsor Program


2012 Graduates of the University of BuraoBURAO – The University of Burao is delighted to announce the formation of a new Student Scholarship Sponsor Program which aims to give low-income students the opportunity to study at University.

There is a great need to provide quality University education for young people in Somaliland. Most of these young people are bright, enthusiastic, and ready to learn. The University of Burao is training this generation in the areas of business, medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, ICT, education, sharia and law. They are the young eager students of today and with the right support they will be the strong leaders of tomorrow.

Compared to other regional and international Universities the fees are not high. However, due to the low income of most local families, it is a struggle for many students to enter or complete their University education. This results in a high drop out rate amongst students, often after completing much of their course.

UB is seeking for donors amongst the Somali Diaspora who are keen to invest in the future of young people in this region. Donors have the opportunity to sponsor students by creating a group to sponsor a number of students, sponsor individual students, or donate to the UB Scholarship Fund. A full scholarship for one student is $50 (£30) per month and a half scholarship is $25 (£15) per month. All donors will be listed on the University of Burao website.

Scholarships are awarded according to need (background of student), academic merit, with gender another issue (at least 50% of scholarships will be given to female students).

The University of Burao is asking for your support to develop the lives of students in this region. For more information please contact or +252 2 4044045 / +252 2 712642

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