UK Pledges to Train and Support Somaliland Coastal Guards


President visits and orders an emergency aid to 400 families rampaged by the recent torrential rains after supervising the end training of the national Coast guard undertaken by Her British Majesty’s ROYAL FLEET AUXILLIARY .Royal Navy receives President Silanyo aboard RFA Mounts Bay off the coast off the Coast of Berbera

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

ERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo on his one day visit to Berbera has attended the closing ceremony of 2 weeks capacity building guidance on counteracting sea piracy crimes given and funded by United Kingdom’s Royal Marines to Somaliland coastal guards on Friday.

At the meantime, the president paid visit and appealed for an emergency aid to 400 displaced families which were severely rampaged by the recent flash and torrential rains.

Mr. Ahmed Saleban Dhuhul, the Presidential Spokesperson confirmed this to the Republican newspaper.

He added that the British Ambassadors to Ethiopia and Kenya were present at ceremony where they pledged the maintenance of their close cooperation with the government of Somaliland in the sides of tightening security, counter piracy and the fight against terrorism.

Presidential Spokesman has also specified, “President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo showed his gratitude to UK’s Marine Forces for their cooperation efforts in the fight against piracy crimes committed by the sea pirates which is threat to will of every state. The president has also requested from UK to increase their assistance to Somaliland’s coastal guards in order to have coastal guards who are fully equipped and capable of providing full security protection.”

The president in his address added that Somaliland’s coastal guards without having efficient capacity buildings succeeded to fully protect territorial jurisdiction of Somaliland’s long sea from the pirate gangs together with terrorists in the sea of Somalia.

UK’s Ambassadors described their readiness and keenness to maintain their close cooperation with Somaliland government and that UK to make available additional trainings, equipments and logistic supports to Somaliland’s coastal guards in turn to have triumphant counter piracy ability.

On the other hand, Somaliland president during his visit to Berbera, assessed the situation of 400 hundred families left without shelter by the recent torrential rains on the region. The president has ordered regional administration to provide emergency relief to those people affected by heavy rains.

Reports added that government’s humanitarian office has provided assistance including temporary re – sheltering and some other necessary needs to the victims rampaged by the heavy rains.