Somaliland: UCID Chairman Fears for his Life


Feisal Ali Warabe2

By Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The chairman of the opposition party UCID Mr. Faysal Ali Warabe has talked about botches assassination attempt against MP Mohammed Farah Qabille an UCID party parliamentarian.

The UCID boss said that the attack on the opposition member of parliament was a government plan to silence their opponents by instilling fear. Mr. Faysal was speaking during a short interview by Somali speaking Radio ‘voice of America Radio.’

“MP Qabille was passing somewhere, then a man called him, then he approached the assailant who shot three times at him the most shocking of all was that the assassin was a well-known police officer,

“The UCID boss said the assassin is someone familiar and belongs to same clan as MP. Qabille this comes at the time when the government has criticized Mr. Qabille for his vicious attacks about mismanagement and corruption by the government officials”, Mr. Faisal added.

MP Qabille is a fire brand politician who always thrives in pinpointing miss endeavors of the country’s authorities. The opposition boss said that he himself has been threatened by some people in the corridors of power at the presidential palace when he spoke in an interview with universal TV.

He said that his life was in danger as result. The UCID boss stressed that it was a government ploy to seal the mouth piece of opponents.

He added that he fears for the hard won freedom we fought for to regain our independence from former dictatorial regime of Mohammed said barre.

“The country needs to be saved by a national consultation. Our country men should not watch a play of lies unfolding when we know the reality on the ground,” Mr. Faysal said when the UCID boss was asked if he has made a formal report of the threat of which he said that no.