U.S Department Of Treasury / United Arab Emirates-is it fake news


This letter is brought to your acknowledgement by the Committee of U.S Department of the Treasury in conjunction with Federal Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates, after a Conference Meeting was held last week the above organizations have decided to release out some overdue valuable treasures such as Golds and Diamonds worth Billions of dollars. This treasures has been agreed to be shared among some selected important individuals with good citizenship record files worldwide, and mostly scammed victims. This Tonnes of Golds and Diamonds have been said to be distributed to those citizens who remit their bills and Taxes regularly and have no bad criminal record.

Well, Gold Reserves in Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia remained unchanged at 116.64 Tonnes in the second quarter of 2016 from 110.64 Tonnes in the first quarter of the year 2017-2018. Gold Reserves in the (UAE) averaged 136 Tonnes from the year 2000 until 2018, reaching an all time height of 143.82 Tonnes in the second quarter of the year 2000 and a record low of 116.64 Tonnes in the fourth quarter of 2011. Gold and Diamond Reserves in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is reported by the World Treasure Council.  So some of those Golds and Diamond which have been in the Treasury Department languishing and doing nothing have been shared among the arbitrary selected individuals, of which you have been blessed to be among those lucky qualified beneficiary for this treasures & cash compensation award, you have been selected due to your good records which we got from your nearest police station also from the FBI, CIA and the Homeland Security.

Furthermore, one of the major reason why the Golds and Diamonds are been distributed is because of the Gold recovered from Late President Muammar Gaddafi are too much to be stored in the Treasury Department added with the previous treasures under custody of the UAE and the U.S Department Of Treasury. So instead of storing this treasures while there are important citizens like you out there who can make good use of this treasures and cash to better their life’s. This program has got to help those individuals who must have been scammed in one way or the other and have probably loss lot of money to Internet scam, this statement is a genuinely proofed according to the several scam and fraud reports we have been receiving and recording from the U.N /FBI/ CIA & the Homeland Security World wide.

Therefore, it may interest you to know that 1,000 KILO GRAMS OF GOLDS & 1,000 KILO GRAMS OF DIAMONDS with the cash sum of Four Million USD has been allocated and legally awarded to you and (49) other lucky individuals from different parts of the World, which majority of them are from the United States Of America, Great Britain (U.K), Asia and European Countries etc. But if you are not from the mentioned Continents and was awarded or lucky to receive this e-mail then you are lucky and can claim your winnings *lucky stars*. The government uses this platform to appreciate you for been a true and obedient citizen so far and wish to compensate and contribute positively into your life. If you’re a scammed victim this a great opportunity for you to get back all you have lost.

Meanwhile to avoid complications and to proof yourself right if you’re developing or having any atom of doubt about the legitimacy of this transaction, then you will have to travel down to the Central Bank of UAE Head QUarters in Bainunah Street, Al Bateen Area, PO Box 854, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to claim and collect your 1000 KG Golds/ 1000 KG Diamonds and The cash worth of Four Million USD ($4,000,000.00). Also take note that your treasures and cash awards will be loaded in a metallic consignment box. But if traveling to UAE will be difficult, then your compensation funds and treasures awards will be delivered at your home address, this are one of the reasons why I the Secretary of the U.S DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY have decided to be in contact with you and to direct you on how your Treasures can be delivered at your doorstep via the new fastest Aircraft delivery company which is the Cargo Logistic Courier Service Inc.

So if you wish to travel Down to (UAE) and collect your Treasures consignment, then you must reply back to my office so that I can direct you on how that can be accomplished. But if you wish and want it to be delivered at your home, then your delivery and personal identification details must be provided with your reply back to this e-mail and they must be provided as stated below.


After filling the details correctly expect to hear from my office via phone call or email within (3) Hours after the receipt of your email to my office, for there is nothing to be worried about because the delivery insurance charges of your Treasures Compensation Award is all that you’re mandated and entitle to pay and get your awarded treasures and cash delivered at your resident and nothing more. Meanwhile it’s your duty to take care of the delivery Insurance of your choice as listed by the Cargo Logistic Courier Company Management stated below. This has been made compulsory and mandatory that you remit the delivery insurance of your choice due to you are the legitimate owner of the consignment box which will be delivered to your provided residential address, and the payment slip will also be used as a proof to the Diplomatic Delivery Agents that you’re the rightful owner of the box upon their arrival at your doorstep. The DELIVERY INSURANCE will also assure and guarantee you that no governmental organization

Official Emailing: usadepartment.treasuryunit@gmail.com / usa_treasuryaward@wdc.gs