Two State Solutions: The Republic of Somaliland and the Federal Republic of Somalia.


By: CM AbokorSometimes it is important to let go something you love

Somalilandsun – After the conclusion of the recent London conference to bolster support for the fledgling provisional administration in Mogadishu, two things became quite clear.

1. There must be a two state solution for Somaliland and the rest of the defunct “Somali Republic”

2. The International Community is throwing the last dice on Somalia with the administration of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the hopes of a democratically elected government in 2016.

Otherwise, after the usual speeches and back-slapping, the situation in Somalia still remains the same. The fledgling provisional administration has all the trappings and public relations of a “proper” government but only controls less than half of the Benadir region, and has to rely on the co-operation of regional players like Puntland and Galmudug and to the protection of AMISON.

It is in the interest of Somaliland for a legitimate government to emerge in Mogadishu. A democratic government which can proceed from the recent Ankara Accords to the eventual conclusion of an amicable solution of two sovereign and independent states, The Republic of Somaliland and the Federal Republic of Somalia.

As we had seen recently, attempts were made in the Somali constituent assembly to void the agreements in Ankara. These moved were led by a certain group who have made their enmity to Somaliland quite clear, however, their attempts failed, mainly due to the fact, that the Ankara Accords are the only peaceable way of resolving the issue of the future relationship between Somaliland and Somalia.

And this very point was acknowledged by the final communique of the London conference, that the talks held in Turkey are the way forward to clarify the future relationship between Somaliland and Somalia. And as all Somalilanders are well aware, that future relationship is one of two states, neighbours with all the economic, social and cultural ties, but no political ties.

Two sovereign and independent states willing to co-operate on all major issues in the regions, but Somaliland is Somaliland and Somalia is Somalia.

As we approach the 22nd anniversary of the reclamation of Somaliland’s sovereignty in 1991, a lot of naysayers are fixated on the lack of international de-jure recognition, but what they have failed to realise that with each passing day, month, year; Somaliland and Somalia grow farther apart, and with a new generation at the age 22, knowing nothing but Somaliland, the defunct union is either a chapter in history or a distant memory.

With nothing to entice Somalilanders to Somalia, and no sense of true acknowledgement from those in Somalia for the achievements of Somaliland and the crimes of the defunct union against Somaliland, there will never be anything to revive the mirage of the greater “Somalia”.

There are now just two sides of the argument, the Somaliland camp and the Somalia camp, one must choose one side.

The slogans of “midnimo” (unity) are futile, just like the slogans of “scientific socialism” were. To those who believe in Somaliland, Somaliland is there for them, and for those who believe in Somalia, then Mogadishu awaits.

We are fast approaching the point of official separation, and it is now time to choose sides. Somalilanders will always be loyal and show fidelity to Somaliland, and to those who seek to represent only themselves in Mogadishu, then now is the time to declare your intentions.

CM Abokor