Turning Away from Makah!


The cradle of Islam in MeccaBy: Ahmednagashe

Somalilandsun – Imagine you are in deep prayers as a devout Muslim and facing Touba, Senegal, the center of Mouridia Sufi brotherhood, would you consider yourself an orthodox Muslim!!Surprising and provocative as it may seem, this can also be a gesture of protest to show Arabs that if they consider Islam as a mere tool to promote their culture we can easily do away with Makah and still remain Muslims. After all, we worship the God of Makah not the Ka’aba itself.

This is a thought somebody might reflect after he or she closely scrutinizes how Arabized Islam has ruined the identities of the none-Arab Muslims and obliterated their cultures.

Wahhabism, with its desert culture and Arab superiority racism, has spread like a wild fire in the last four decades fuelled by the petrodollars of Saudi Arabia. A closer look at what has been going on in northern Mali reveals the real image of what I call Arabized Islam and its evil hate towards the none-Arab cultures and history. The Wahhabi brain washed, holier than thou terrorists have intentionally destroyed all the historical tombs and ancient buildings associated with the black African Muslim heritage. This shows that the godfathers of Arabized Islam are only preoccupied to make sure that their desert Arab culture prevails in the whole Muslim world.

Whenever a respected Arab Scholar talks about the plight of the Muslims, the first and the last only suffering Muslims in the entire world are the Palestinians and they so passionately whip the emotions of their audience to get their support. This shows how racist they are and that to them Islam is a mere tool to serve Arabs. When an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian they make us believe the Arab is a martyr, but when a black African Darfuri or a Nubi is killed by government of Sudan supported Arab militia they seal their lips. They never talk about the slavery of black Muslims in Mauritania by Arabs. Years ago, when Uighur Muslims in China were massacred by the Hans Chinese there was no single Arab state that protested to the Chinese government and we never heard those Arab self styled guardians of Islam talking about their plight. Silence remains the same in the case of the Muslims in Myanmar.

The only thing this Arabized, racist Islam does is to eliminate none-Arab cultures and impose desert based culture on other Muslims. It has created chaos in the world and animosity between non-Arab Muslims and their fellow citizens of other faiths, a vivid example is what is happening in Nigeria, Pakistan, India and many other countries where Muslims and none-Muslims who have lived together peacefully for ages are being turned against one another after the introduction of Wahhabi, Arabized Islam, and where there are no armed confrontations there goes on a continuous indoctrination of the youth. Taking advantage of the poverty of the people of African and Asian countries, they force them to abandon their ways of living, cultures, traditional way of dressing and practices. My people, Somalis in the Horn of Africa, are among these victims where you cannot differentiate our women and those in Arabia in their dressing and men also lost their distinct way of dressing. A goatee and short gowns are the norm of the day. Not only that, but our Somali names are gone. You burst into laughter when you hear a black, kinky haired Somali being called “Abou-Stupid”. Our culture is totally disintegrated to the extent that our language is now in danger of being replaced with none-standard Arabic in the name of Islam.

The Arabized Islam we are preached to by those Arabized fools forbids our music, art and poetry yet they force our children to memorize volumes of Arabic poems and songs. Given all those threats Arabized Islam poses to our distinct culture and the continuous Arab racism, can one not be justified to face Touba in their prayers and turn away from Makah the center for Arabized Islam in protest and warning to the Arabs to come back to their senses and embrace the Universal Islam prophet Mohammed preached?