Turkish President Hosts Dinner in Honor of Visiting Somali Counterpart


By: Abdullah Sencer Gözübenli

ANKARA (Somalilandsun) – Turkish President Abdullah Gul hosted a dinner in the honor of his Somali counterpart Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Speaking at the dinner, Gul said Turkish nation would continue to support Somalia with all means at their disposal, adding Turkish charity organizations which helped the Somali people without asking for any return would also continue their efforts resolutely.

“The Somali people, intellectuals and politicians make a claim to their country and started building their future with hope,” Gul told the dinner.

Gul said he believed that the Somali government will make great achievements such as re-constructing the country and securing a national reconciliation, adding, “Somalia will get its deserved place within the international community and it will make valuable contributions to peace, stability and prosperity in its region.”

Mohamud, on his part, said that Somalia had closed a chapter in its history and opened a new era which was shaped by popular will, thanking Turkey for the support it extended to his country during the transition process.

“Turks in Mogadishu have stood by our side through our good days and our bad days. We are utterly grateful for the support Turkey gives to Somalia’s future generations,” Mohamud said.