Turkey Said,“Yes”! To Increased Powers for Erdogan


Turkey SaidYes To Increased Powers for Erdogan

by: Yasmeen Hassan
Somalilandsun – On 16th April 2017, referendum was carried out in Turkey about the amendment of the constitution. The AK party (ruling party) lead by Rajib Dayib Erdogan urged their supporters to vote for “Yes”. This means that the constitution is going to give the President more power since its governance changed to Presidential System from than Parliamentary system. The “Yes” campaigners were leading with 51.3% to 48.7%.
We are all brothers and sisters in a single body standing against traitors,” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, speaking at the AK Party’s headquarters to cheering supporters. “Thank you Turkey, thank you my holy nation… the nation said the last word and said ‘Yes’. “The new rule is going to enter on force on 2019, after the Presidential and Parliamentary election.
More on the side of re-union of Somaliland and Somalia, since Turkey is a big beneficiary of Somalia’s resources. The recent discovery of oil in puntland highlights Somalia’s potential as a future source of energy , Erdogan has prudently supported Somalia and remained impartial in the extremely fluid and clan-driven internal politics. Giving more power to the President,

Mr and Mrs Erdogan in a visit to Somalia Turkey is a valuable ally, friend and supporter of Somalia, due geopolitical and geo-economic center of gravity, and for this reason, Turkey wants to strategically establish itself.