Turkey: Erdogan UNLEASHED, Bloody Purge Begins


Erdogan will now finally be able to purge everyone who opposes his Islamic rule. It’s almost as if he wanted this.

Erdogan in total

Somalilandsun- Some would have this man as a partner in Europe. Members of the Constitutional Court named on arrest warrants. Western leaders waited in line to condemn those who tried to save the secular Turkish State. Insanity. Why would the West back a brutal Islamic dictator?

Erdogan is a vicious autocrat. He spent the last ten years trying to purge Ataturk — the great Muslim leader who dragged that country into the 20th century and created secular Turkey, mandating separation of mosque and state. Ataturk’s reform led to the success of modern Turkey.

The Turkish constitution mandates the army to keep secularism. They were actually doing their job. But they failed. Erdogan had previously replaced senior military leadership with devout Muslims like himself, so the coup was a last gasp at freedom. This was a freedom movement from the ground up. 

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