Trump should Take a Welsh Leaf on how Migrants Impact Positively


Demonstrations in protest against the Trump Muslim ban have taken place worldwide

Somalilandsun- Without a wink of shame Donald Trump with his overly-manicured fingers put pen to paper to sign an order halting the US refugee programme for 120 days.

Veiled as a security measure the Tump travel specifically target citizens of six majority Muslim countries while exempting Christian’s from those country.
Trump who is himself a third generation migrant for his grand parents were original from Gemany not to mention that his wife Melanie is one too, has not taken time to think things out considering the wide opposition to the travel ban through demonstrations and a court order.
Though the USA is basically a country built by migrants and continues to develop through their toil maybe Trump should visit Wales and see how refugees, Immigrants and asylum seekers have impacted positively

Take Eid Ali Ahmed for example

Eid Ali Ahmed He fled the dictatorship of General Siad Barre in north Somalia in 1981, applied for refugee status in Cardiff and was given British citizenship.
In the following years he was appointed as an adviser to the Welsh Assembly Government on refugee affairs and become development co-ordinator of Somaliland Societies in Europe as well as doing his senior job at the Welsh Refugee Council and helping thousands of other people seeking refuge in the capital.
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