Tropical Cyclone Threatens Somalia


By Rob Miller, Senior Meteorologist

Somalilandsun – A recently developed tropical cyclone will threaten portions of Somalia with heavy rain early this week.

A satellite image of Tropical Cyclone 4 in the Indian Ocean. This image comes courtesy of the US Navy

Tropical Cyclone 4 developed Saturday night, EST, nearly 600 miles east-southeast of Cape Guardafui, Somalia. As of Sunday morning, EST, this system had sustained winds near 45 mph.

This cyclone was moving westward at about 18 mph. Some slight strengthening is possible through Monday morning before weakening will occur. This strengthening could allow the system to become a moderate to perhaps strong tropical storm briefly.

Rainfall from this system will likely reach Somalia starting Monday afternoon and will continue through Tuesday. Rainfall amounts will generally average 2-4 inches (50-100 mm), with local amounts exceeding 6 inches (150 mm). For some areas, this would approach or even equal the normal annual rainfall.

Widespread strong winds are not expected to impact Somalia as the system is expected to weaken, perhaps even dissipate, prior to making landfall early Tuesday. Still, a few wind gusts of 30-40 mph (50-65 kph) may occur, especially at the coast.