The Federal Republic of Somalia

Notice is hereby given that Mastercard International Incorporated – a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware (U.S.A.) of 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase 10577, New York, United States of America is sole owner and only proprietor in the Federal Republic of Somalia of the trademark shown below.

Registration No. 1481 Registration Date: 21/07/2019

Which is used and/or to be used in connection with : Electronic funds transfer and currency exchange services, financial assessment and risk management services for others in the field of consumer credit; dissemination of financial information via a global computer network, financial information rendered by computer by means of a secure information computer network and advisory services regarding all of the foregoing services; the provision of financial services for the support of retail services provided through mobile telecommunications means, namely, payment services through wireless devices; the provision of financial services for the support of retail services provided on-line, through electronic networks; financial analysis and consultation; insurance services; financial affairs, monetary affairs; financial services; banking and credit services providing credit card, debit card, charge card and stored value prepaid card services; banking, payment, credit, debit charge, cash disbursement, stored valued deposit access services; bill payment services credit card, debit card, charge card, pre-paid card and stored value card services; cheque verification and cheque cashing services; automated teller machine services; processing of financial transactions both on-line via a computer database or via telecommunications and at point of sale; processing services for financial transactions by card holders vi automatic teller machines; the provision of balance details, deposits and withdrawals of money to card holders via automatic teller machines.

The above named owner by virtue of registration and user of the trademark worldwide in respect of the above named services has the exclusive right to use the said trademark and is entitled to all rights in respect thereof.

The above named owner claims all rights in respect of the above trademark in the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Notice is hereby given that in the event of any person or persons infringing the above named owner’s rights in the said trademark in any manner whatsoever or registering or attempting to register or using a mark similar to the above mark so as to mislead the public into believing that such spurious mark relates to goods manufactured by the above named owner legal proceedings will be instituted against any such person or persons for infringement of the said trademark and recovery of damages and other reliefs.

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