Time for Russia to Make a Stand


Tearing Syria apartBy Prof. Rodney Shakespeare

Somalilandsun- It’s time for Russia to make a stand. Now or never. Russia’s future is at stake just as much as the future of others.

In August, 2008 the Russians were happily asleep dreaming of holding hands with the West.

The dream allowed for the weakening, even smashing, of Islamic states but at least it up held the independence of Russia.

The dream was rudely shattered when Georgia, egged on by Americans and Israelis, launched a sudden, brutal attack on the enclave of South Ossetia which, ethnically, culturally and linguistically, is naturally allied with North Ossetia. In effect, it was an aggressive Western, even NATO, operation pushing as far as it could into the borders of Russia.

Not believing that the West would ever do such a thing, the Russian reaction was slow in coming. When it did come, however, it was effective. Then, in 2011, Russia was again asleep when the USA, France and UK successfully pushed for a United Nations Security Council resolution to establish a no-fly zone over Libya. The alleged purpose of the zone was to protect civilians, and no more.

But the West quickly and deceitfully acted so as to interpret the specific no-fly zone permission as a general permission to make a general military attack on the Libyan regime. Too late, the Russians realized that they had been well and truly conned.

So is Russia still asleep? It had better not be. The West (always serving Zionist desires to eliminate any independent Islamic state capable of resisting Israel’s expansion into the lands of others) is pushing hard to dismantle Syria. After Syria, the West intends dismantling Lebanon followed by (from the Zionist point of view) the crippling of Iran.

What then (in American and Zionist theory) follows Iran? Why, Russia, of course! The West perceives Iran as Russia’s soft underbelly and wants to destroy it. Moscow had better wake up to the fact that Iran is really Russia’s southern protection.

Unfortunately, the European Union has now voted to lift the Syrian arms embargo preventing the sending of arms to the Takfiri throat-slitters, gas-chokers and head-choppers. Of course the EU is saying that it will not be sending any arms just yet, but that is the usual lie. Like Saudi Arabia (which has sent fifteen tons of arms) and Turkey and Qatar, the EU states, particularly the UK and France, are already in Syria and in a big military way. The claim that they are not is done in the hope of again deceiving Russia.

Fortunately, there are signs that Russia is waking up. Although it is late in the day, Russia is saying that it will be delivering the powerful S-300 missile air defense system.

Yet the S-300 may not be as effective as the Russians believe because Israel, for one, has long ago conducted military exercises against Greek S-300 systems and thus it could be that Israel (and so the West) knows how to neutralize the S-300. Furthermore, Israel has just said that it will “know how to react if the S-300 Russian missiles leave for Syria.”

Therefore, let nobody think that Syria, under the aegis of Russian defensive missiles, is necessarily protected from heavy Western and/or Israeli air attack. Indeed, unless Russia is prepared to come forward with the even more powerful S-400 system, the danger is that Russia will be deceiving itself, and the world, about its ability to defend Syria.

And, make no mistake; the West is rapidly girding up to launch huge attacks on Syria. In the UK, for example, using the hacking to death of a soldier in Woolwich, the government is going into full war-mongering mode. The way to stop such attacks, of course, (as Noam Chomsky has pointed out), is simply for the West to stop the endless assassinations and wars it conducts in Islamic lands. The Woolwich attack was about one thousandth of the atrocities regularly carried out (via drones, for example) by the West.

However, the West has no intent of stopping its now wholesale assault on Islam. In particular, it is financing and arming the Takfiri in Syria. So Russia is going to have to accept the reality that the West pushing aggressively in Syria; that Western and/or Israeli air attacks may soon be made on Syria; and that its S-300 system may not be as effective as it thinks.

A positive, bold step is required. The way forward is for Russia to announce that it will take all possible measures to protect Syria from external assault and that any attack will receive an immediate, equivalent response.

Nothing less than that will work because the West (and, in particular, Israel) always thinks that it is free to attack with impunity anybody who is defenseless and it will assume it has the right to attack in Syria unless Russia spells it out that any attack will receive an immediate, equivalent, response.

The next thing to do is for Russia to understand that they can never trust the Americans and that any conference with the USA present will only be a trick to continue the smashing of independent Islamic countries. Then, allied with Iran, a conference must be called (and, good news, such a conference is starting in Tehran on 29th May with forty countries involved).

The situation is very serious and could easily erupt into major war.

Moreover, Israel’s four hundred atomic weapons must never be forgotten. Russia military and political leadership is urgently required with Iran being the country that, more than any other, is capable of talking to the Syrian government.

Dangerous as the situation is, it is, at the same time, a magnificent opportunity for Russia and Iran to give statesmanlike leadership to the world remembering that the USA has lost much political (and certainly all moral) authority.

It is also an opportunity for a proper stand to be made against the endless expansion of Zionism into the lands of others. Israel has already annexed part of Syria and, claiming it has a God-given right to re-create a state allegedly existing two thousand years ago, wants to take more of Syria and all of Lebanon.

May Russia and Iran be successful.

Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement www.globaljusticemovement.net, a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is www.binaryeconomics.net. Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain

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This article was originally published at Press TV