The Woman who could be the President of Somalia


Fadumo Dayib The Woman who could be President of Somalia

Somaliland sun-Fadumo Dayib, a Finn of Somali origin is going back to Somalia, not as a refugee going home, but as a presidential candidate.
“I have finally understood the value of walking away in order to walk back to what matters the most. I am going home to reclaim Somalia and Somaliness,” says the campaign tagline of the 42 year old lady who holds three master’s degrees, two from Finland and one from Harvard and aspires to resident at the Villa Somalia in Mogadishu

But in a male dominated political scene and local cultures that confine women to the kitchen and maternity wards this is an uphill ambition for Fadumo Dayib 

In the meantime Hundreds of Somali women have demonstrated demanding their quota in political participation in the upcoming general elections.
The women, drawn from civil societies, women organisations, Federal lawmakers, politicians and Banadir Regional administration gathered at Daljirka Dahsoon Square in Mogadishu demanding a quota of 30% seats in parliament.
Somalia’s first woman presidential candidate, Mrs Fadumo Dayib, while speaking to Radio Dalsan during an interview, called upon the current members of Somali parliament to put the interest of the country first and vote wisely in the upcoming general elections since there will be no ‘one man one vote’ policy.
Women Hold Demonstrations Demanding Political Participation IN SomaliaThe mother of four who received death threats after declaring her interest in the male dominated field says nothing will stop her from running in the upcoming elections, which are due to be held in October 2016.
“If elected President, I will sit down and talk with al-shabaab leaders in order to solve this problem once and for all,” said Fatuma Dayib.