The Somalia War in the First Half of 2020

Type of attacks in Somalia in the first half of 2020

Somalilandsun: The first half of this year saw the tempo of AS operations stalled, but continuing steady on its deadly path. Unfortunately, this slow in tempo may not continue past the return of government
workers to fulltime work following the social distancing that necessitated many of them to work from home.

With increased movement of potential targets, the group may get the opportunity to continue its deadly urban campaign. As noted in our last quarterly report, the group is pivoting towards more usage of suicide bombers using explosive vests in urban areas, and away from SVBIED attacks. As such, it has conducted one such attack this quarter. There is a heightened
risk of such attacks during the rest of the year.

Thus concludes a semi annual report, below, by  Hiraal Institute a  think tank that focuses on Somalia and the Horn

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