Somaliland: Desert Locust Control Experts Arrive


indexHARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – After a long period of waiting  locust control teams have arrived though after the isects invaded several areas of Lasqoray, Sylac, Baladik.

The minister of agriculture prof. Farah Elmi Geedole has received in his office locust control teams from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Italy. Prof. Farah Elmi Geedole the minister for agriculture said that the planes which have to spray the areas locust has invaded will arrive here in the country within seven days from Diridaba Ethiopia he said locust has destroy the animal grassing areas.

He said this have to be an immediate action before locust cross to the neighboring districts on our neighboring countries .earlier minister of agriculture pro. Farah Elmi Geedole said the locust control office will reopened in the country.

After he requested the EU locust control team to reopened their office in Somaliland.