The Hallucinations of Somalia Federal Government Against the Dreams of Somaliland


Somalilandsun- An establishment that was purely driven by injustice and groundless legal framework has been in action in this was war-torn country. The Federal Somali Parliament operates in Mogadishu, with very busy schedules, notably the “the motion sessions”. The purpose is to save the country and lead to a stability and indeed prosperity. Needless to say that most of the parliament motions remain stillborn. When a motion is being deliberated and debated the parliament hall changes into a dancing stomp and an auction market. Highly educated individuals are among the parliament assembly, some remain reticent during those famous sessions and others are absent at all times. A motion passed represents a great milestone for the Parliament legion but inexistent in front of the Somali society. Shidanaaba Shidan!!.

Over the last two-months the state of parliament hallucinations has been somehow stable because the attention was largely absorbed by the worsening security. A week or so without security shake up stimulates the assembly to go into the cycle of hallucinations, characterized by launching motions. There is no official umpire to supervise the rules within which the various motions are proposed and submitted. The so-called upper house does not even have clear roles in the assembly affairs, yet at times zealous to play a greater role in the nation’s politics. Many question the legitimacy as well the need for having such a dangling bureaucratic structure.

The torpid parliamentarians remain accountable to their clans and clannish chiefs. Big achievements are usually labelled with the number of motions or arguments he or she has made over the last quarter. Among the “Xildhiban’s”, the connoisseur is the one who talks frequently to the media to show how serious he or she is working for the people but more importantly for his or her own clan. Many clairvoyants in the parliament play an interesting role in connecting to the President and the Prime Minister entertaining with baseless forecasting for their positions. “Ceynaanka waad heyneysaan oo waa lanoo iftiimiyey”. The speaker of the Parliament is well known for obfuscating issues and parliamentary tasks so that the house will operate in an obstreperous mode. The more noisy session the parliament engaged the day is commonly translated the most successful piece of work the house produced.

Life outside the Parliament is a different one, people are struggling their livelihood but with warm faces and without expressing any sadness. Meanwhile, security incidents and killing sessions continue to dominate the overall morbidity as well mortality inside and outside the Capital. The Capital development sounds like a busy termite anchoring its skyline while monsoons rains are constantly washing out those new structures. A new dawn is celebrated everyday but a remorseful dusk follows. A Parliamentarian motion on tackling the vicious cycle has never and will never be proposed. Such a motion for instance could have been articulated as follows: Will the Somali people engage all out of war against the trouble makers or will it engage a constructive dialogue?. The first part is the motion while the later clause is against the motion.

Notwithstanding with the ongoing social strife, the hunting house woke up again and have heard a sound that could help them formulate a “Motion”. What was that sound which brought them together to brainstorm…Just another milestone? It is about two other neighboring countries unfortunately and these are Somaliland and Ethiopia. The house voted to submit a motion against the Somaliland trade agreement with UAE and Ethiopia vis-à-vis Berbera port. It shows the hallucination symptoms have deteriorated given the evolving underlying factors. While the Turks continue to through the essential package the situation will always be underfunded and therefore the calculus of house will be changing.

The current “Motion” against the three coalition governments is a naked, miscalculated, suicidal, and ill-fated move that will eventually undermine the international support to this war-ravaged country. The Motion against Berbera has misled many as it sounds like the real Berbera port but it is not. It is another Berbera snapped by mostly hallucinated psychic and it will keep busy the honorable members of the Parliament for quite some time and will shortly be forgotten forever. Many on the streets are discussing this multidimensional issue—a face linked to jealousy is out there and people continue to ask why this neighbor is critical about the trade agreement.

The Motion of the intellectuals is unconditionally supported by the hungry upper house and will advise the lower house to ostentatiously design the biggest Motion in 2018. It is expected that this Motion will temporarily pacify the relationship between the two houses which have been at odds for some time. Many Somalis consider the Motion as a mere snide to their fellow brothers, they see no reason whatsoever that could trigger such a malicious ongoing debate on the subject. Others believe it as futile and a waste of time. Others believe that when such a high issue arises legally or illegally the President must speak up and talk to the people.

The trilateral partnership will continue to grow and will proposer the people in these nations and beyond!!

Askar O. Amir


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  1. It is time Somaliland ups its game and fights back. Somaliland government must challenge Somalia’s membership of all international bodies such as the UN, AU, Arab league etc. Those memberships belonged to a United Somaliland and Somalia, not just to Somalia who solely benefits from those seats. Somaliland must hire the best Lawyers in the World to challenge the failed state of Somalia in the international courts of justice. How can Somalia claim that they own Somaliland when in fact Somaliland got independence before them. Somaliland must take its case to international arenas. It waited for too long to solve this problem in a brotherly manner, but Somalia does not respect that.