The gunmen atop Ga’anlibah Mountains do not represent the community, says Sultan Hurre


By M.A. Egge

Sultan Abdirahman Awale Hurre has condemned the actions of the gunmen who have been hiding in Gaanlibah Mountains for the past few days and hijacked by seizing a vehicle belonging to Hallo Trust.

Sultan Abdirahman Awale who spoke to some media on Wednesday said that there is no community that the rebels represent.

He stated that as a community they supported the government against the rebels.

He said, “I am talking about the men who claimed to be rebels who were recently mentioned as having set base in the Gaanlibah Mountains and who seized the vehicles belonging to the Hallo trust in Dabagoriale town”.

He continued, “It is a terrible act. I condemn it at the strongest term possible as the area’s traditional leader. As concerns the issue there talks going on through the elders and if no rapport or tangible understanding, the government should take cue with our full support”.

He said that as far as the larger Garhajis community was concerned, there was no time whatsoever that they collaborated to the understanding that they should rebel.