The Global Double Standards Towards the War in Yemen


Somalilandsun- It is said that ‘’a bird took fire one day, tragically it burned it is own nest’’.  Unlike the Israeli Mossad which carries out hundreds of assassinations each year, with the motto of leave no trace, has demonstrated the supremacy of the Israeli intelligence services in the Middle East.

The case of the killed Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi sheds a light of how badly the Saudi carried out the killing proceeding in contrast with the Israeli ones.

Saudi Arabia  which launched a military intervention in 2015 with a coalition of nine African and Middle East countries, responding to what they justified a  call by Yemenis  President in exile  Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi for military support in response to Houthi takeover in Yemen, has caused the death, destruction and the displacement of many Yemeni civilians ,by which Yemen may face one of the worst famines in recent history.

Once more, the entire world has been closely watching the death denials of Saudi authorities of the slain journalist; nevertheless, the world did not denounced or endorsed enough of the 40 Yemeni school youngsters besieged by a 227kg laser-guided bomb made by Lockheed Martin.

One of a large number sold to Saudi Arabia as a major aspect of billions of dollars of weapons from the United States. No agreements are lost, and the purchase of big missiles  by the kingdom will continue as long as the Trump administration is milking cows and making business deals.

Then why bother one dead Saudi journalist. This clearly show us  the hypocrisy, crocodile tears and the insincere condolences of the so-called civilized nations.

The former Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Palitha Kohona once said ‘’that war crimes tribunals have and always been set up for losers. And if you were to take winners then the start would have to be taken elsewhere. Sri Lanka did not drop atom bombs or destroy entire cities during the war”

The contemporary history of international criminal law commenced auspiciously with the Nuremberg trials in the outcome of the Second World War. For political causes, the plan of universally prosecuting those responsible for the most severe crimes promised by these trials was never finished and only God knows if the Saudi Arabia and it’s allies  will be prosecuted  one day because of what happened in Yemen.

The Turkey who is main ally of the blocked Qatar have been threatening, to shed light of the mutilated journalist who is death sparked international outrage, which seems  super facial sympathy  compare to what the Saudi and their allies did to the Yemeni Civilians.

While the whole world watches the horror and the horrendous images of Yemeni
children and say nothing about it, can  show us the double standard where the death of one single man outweighs a whole nation.

The once hailed modernizing Mohamed Bin Salman who lifted the ban on women driving, restored public theaters and restricted the power of the unpopular religious police has now blood in his hands.

While I do not think the Saudi government will make a move against the chancery of Mohamed Bin Salman, the world must not overlook that Yemen is in extraordinary threat of man-made catastrophe

By:Ayanle Hussein

HARGEISA Somaliland