The Fate of Ethiopia Seems Sealed

A stable Ethiopia is a must for prosperity in the Horn of Africa region
Somalilandsun: Ethiopia has become a country where gun rules and decides the future of each ethnic group. Ethnic groups massacre one another for historical animosity, hatred, and bitterness, civilians seeking shelters are slaughtered mercilessly in worship places, sexual rape is reportedly violent and frequent, civilians are constantly displaced and fleeing for their lives, cities have been brought down, properties have been destroyed, looting is rampant everywhere, Geneva conventions are not respected for war prisoners, war crimes are committed on daily basis, it is frightening scene, it is harrowing situation.
PM Abiy Ahmed’s postponement of Ethiopian elections and invasion of Tigre Region opened the gates of hell in Ethiopia and may disintegrate into independent republics like Yugoslavia as coexistence seems elusive in future. PM Abiy Ahmed expected quick victory over TPLF but the ripple effect of the invasion is devastating, Eritrea and Sudan are already dragged into the war, Egypt may be part of it soon because of Eritrea’s participation on behalf of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute put more fuel on the conflict to turn it into Regional War.
The Secret, behind closed-doors meetings that took place at least 3-4 times since 2019 between pm Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, Dictator Afwerki of Eritrea (the dictatorship spiritual leader) and president Farmajo of Somalia to eliminate democratic systems in the Horn of Africa through Abiy’s DECEPTIVE EAST AFRICA MERGER to establish dictatorships similar to that of Eritrea in Ethiopia and Somalia set aflame in the Horn of Africa.
Reports say that after PM Abiye Ahmed ordered Ethiopian military to invade Tigre Region, president Farmajo and Afwerki secretly and illegally sent troops to the Tigre Region to fight TPLF forces too from their respective countries. Nearly 3,000 – 4,000 young Somali troops in military training in Eritrea is believed to have entered the war from Eritria. Eritrea’s participation in the war was reportedly full scale invasion along Ethiopian military. If the military invasion on Tigre Region would succeed, Somalia would be next for the slaughter of the butchers.
L-R Eritrea’s president Afeworki, Somalia’s President Farmajo and PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia-archives

With the advice of brutal dictator Afwerki, the plan was to defeat and subdue TPLF of Tigre Region to remove the threat to PM Abiye’s dictatorship, then to defeat and subdue Mogadisho and Jubbaland to remove the threat to president Farmajo’s dictatorship, and finally to try to restore the union between Somaliland and Somalia in order to annex the seaports of Somalia and Somaliland – the ultimate impossible mission of PM Abiy Ahmed’s deceptive “East Africa Merger.” Man proposes and God disposes.

These are catastrophic wars with serious ramifications in East Africa and must have accountability to avoid such negligence of responsibility and selfish-power-hungry in future.
By: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale