The EU Council Prepares for Somalia Conference


EU SOM Conference

Somalilandsun – At the Council meeting on 22 July 2013, EU foreign affairs ministers discussed the situation in Somalia and the preparations for an international conference on Somalia.

The New Deal for Somalia conference will take place in Brussels on 16 September 2013 and will be co-hosted by the federal government of Somalia and the EU. The aim is to agree a compact that will commit the Somali people and their international partners to a set of key priorities and to providing new support for the reconstruction of Somalia over the next 3 years.

“The situation in Somalia has been transformed over the past year”, said High Representative Catherine Ashton. “There is now a real atmosphere of activity, emerging governance and hope. It is therefore more important than ever that the international community makes good on its promises of support for the Somali people.”

The compact is intended to implement Somalia’s political, security and socio-economic priorities, both those of the federal government and those of other regions, and to maintain the momentum for change across Somalia. The conference offers a platform for Somali reconciliation and rebuilding trust. It seeks to provide impetus and serve as a catalyst in the political process.

The Council also adopted conclusions on Somalia.

EU development aid for Somalia

In Somalia, the EU brings to bear all elements of its comprehensive approach. The EU is the biggest donor of development aid to Somalia and has allocated €243 million in humanitarian aid to the country between 2008 and 2012.

The EU contributes to security in Somalia

The EU supports the development of Somali security capacities in order to allow the federal government to provide security to its population.

It is a key supporter of the AMISOM peacekeeping mission in Somalia, with more than €325 million disbursed over the period 2007-2012.

The EU training mission in Somalia has provided military training to around 3 000 recruits in the Somali National Armed Forces and continues to advise the Somali Ministry of Defence and general staff.

The EU is also engaged in the fight against piracy off the Somali coast.

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