‘Thanks to our religious scholars and Hamdan Hotel for canceling this dangerous program’ – Dr Abdi Obseyeh


“Thanks to our religious scholars and Hamdan hotel of Hargeisa who cancelled this dangerous program”.

The following is an amazing story between a husband and his wife in Hargeisa 3 weeks ago. Please read it carefully and try to react wisely.

Haimo: “Jama, have you heard that our neighbors have booked 10 of their children to Europe for a free scholarship?”

Jama: “Booked for what? Children are traveling to Europe for free scholarships! Who is going to pay them?”

Halimo; “Announcement was already done and the registration is in Hamdan hotel. We don’t know when the deadline is due. Certain foreign organizations who came to Somaliland are offering this. The youth will be trained as filmmakers, they can then join Holly Wood filmmakers and will gain a lot of money.” (don’t laugh).

“These are the youth of between 10 to 16yrs and 16 to 30 years of age (both male and female). I will suggest enrolling 4 of our children in this program.”

Jama: No, no.’ he shouted angrily. “We don’t register our children into this dangerous program and I will contact our neighbors not to do so. Why don’t they train their children in Europe? “It is false propaganda and they want to use them (our children) as human spare parts.”What about our intelligence department(C.I.D)? Are they not keen enough to investigate?

This dangerous issue?”

Of course, there are some of our intellectuals who are encouraging and misleading our youth. However, there are still a few of our intellectuals who are kind-hearted and provided precious rewards to our graduated university students 4 months ago. A good example of this is the high authorities of Premier Bank of Hargeisa.

Lastly, I thank our religious scholars and the owner of Hamdan hotel in Hargeisa who had fortunately reacted wisely to this dangerous program and canceled the arrangements for this issue.

Hope our youth will be aware of such threatening programs.


Dr. Abdi. E. Obseyeh,

Borama, Somaliland