Taiwan-Somaliland Ties will Help Strengthen and Diversify Our Mutual Development- President Tsai

Taiwanese President Tsai hosts Somaliland envoy of Somaliland in Taipei Amb Mahmoud Hagi file photi

Somalilandsun:  The President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Tsai Ing-wen received on Monday Ambassador Mohamed Omar Hagi Mohamoud, Somaliland envoy to Taiwan at the Presidential Office in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan.

Speaking at the meeting, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said Taiwan and the Republic of Somaliland will benefit from their bilateral cooperation in ways that will strengthen and diversify their development, given their strategic geographical locations.

The appointment of Somaliland’s first representative to Taiwan Ambassador Mohamed Omar Hagi Mohamoud and the reciprocal opening of representative offices on both sides this year marked “a new era of bilateral relations,” Tsai said.

Tsai said she is confident that through close cooperation, Taiwan and Somaliland can “better leverage each other’s strengths and diversify our development.”

Somaliland is strategically located “in the horn of Africa,” while Taiwan occupies “a geographically important and strategic position” in the Indo Pacific region, she said.

Tsai said Somaliland is a “paradigm of democracy in Africa,” and like Taiwan, it has been striving to deepen its democracy.

President Tsai said that many media reports currently refer to Somaliland as “Taiwan’s new friend” and that many Taiwanese are eager to learn more about the East African nation. Tsai added that after Mohamoud came to Taiwan in August, through various forms of interaction, he allowed the people of Taiwan to get to know Somaliland better, and he helped the governments and private sectors of both nations to seek more opportunities for cooperation, CNA reported.

Tsai pointed out the strategic position of Somaliland in East Africa as well as Taiwan’s unique geostrategic position in the Indo-Pacific region. She stated that she believed closer bilateral cooperation has many advantages including more diversified development.

Taiwan-Somaliland Ties will Help Strengthen and Diversify Our Mutual Development- President Tsai

She said that in the past, the two countries have cooperated in the fields of medical care, education, and maritime safety. In the future, Tsai stated, various cooperative projects will be launched to deepen the friendship between the two peoples.

She also mentioned that Somaliland is a model for African democracy and like Taiwan has continuously worked hard to expand this principle. Tsai pointed out that Somaliland will hold elections for the House of Representatives and local councils in May next year and she hoped the elections would be a smooth process.

The president stated that she looks forward to the two countries sharing their democratic experiences and promoting common values. She remarked that she wished to see Taiwan and Somaliland become robust and supportive partners.

In his part , Ambassador Mohamoud mentioned that after he came to Taiwan, he could feel the warmth of the nation — not only from government agencies but also the friendly hospitality of the people.

He said that Somaliland has been a beacon of democracy for the past 30 years. In addition, Somaliland has had many proud achievements, including hosting many refugees from Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and other countries. In addition, it cooperates with international partners on issues such as countering illegal arms and human trafficking.

President Tsai met with Somaliland representative to Taiwan Ambassador Mohamed Omar Hagi Mohamoud. The President is accompanied with the Secretary-General to the President, the Foreign Minister & Chief of Protocol & the Director-General of 3rd Bureau, Office of President & other high officials. (Taiwan MOFA via Twitter)

He mentioned that the signing of the partnership agreement between Somaliland and Taiwan is based on the foundation of shared values, namely democracy and freedom.

The representative stated that Somaliland will continue to strengthen shared values and find mutual benefits in many areas, as well as promote the economic partnership between Taiwan and Somaliland. The agreement, Mohamoud believes, allows for the two nations to take advantage of previously untapped areas of cooperation