State Bans Kalsan TV for “Undermining the statehood of Somaliland


kalsan TV

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The ministry of information has revoked the Kalsan TV operating license thus completely banning the UK based media house from reporting in Somaliland.
The ban order by information minister Abdilahi Osman Sahardiid issued during a presser stated that the action follows a broadcast of 3rd November 2017 which violated the state of Somaliland.
The minister was referring to a news item released by the broadcaster on that day which showed video images alleged to have been firing of shots at a ruling Kulmiye party campaign rally in Las Anod the capital of sool region.
According to minister Sahardiid the information was not only false news but one geared towards disturbing the security and peace of the country, thence the decision to proscribe the broadcaster

watch the ill fated kalsan report leading to the ban