Somaliland:Truck Drivers Protest against DP World Directive


Somalilandsun: Logistic multinational DP World has issued directive for all truck drivers
to wear protective clothes when entering the port precinct. This is
according to Star TV journalist reporting from Berbera International port. The
port authorities also ordered all trucks Tom Boys should not enter the port
area. DP World has given a strict order that only truck drivers are allowed
inside the port.

This news infuriated the drivers and their Tom Boys who then protested
outside the port. No sooner had they started their demonstrations than the
police from Berbera Police Station dispersed by shooting in the air.
Luckily nobody was injured during the short lived melee.

The port authority also issued an order stopping temporary loaders from
accessing the port premises. This forced the jobless youths to fight back
however they were rounded up and frog marched to the town’s police station
where they were being held as we went to press.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir