Somaliland:Torrential Rains Hit Hargeisa and her Environs


Somalilandsun: The heavy downpour has befallen Hargeisa and most of Somaliland towns. This
is a blessing in the offing due to a long stint of famine that had ravaged
the country. However the city roads were rendered impassable by the rain
water. The roads connecting different suburbs of the city have become
seasonal rivers.

Simply the city council of Hargeisa has failed to plan to construct
drainage systems. The few that are functional cry for attention others have
been blocked by unplanned structures constructed on road reserves.

Hargeisa is a city council is also part of the problem since those who were
elected to run the city do not know their job description and have failed
city inhabitants.

The city is growing at an alarming rate and as thing look now the city
council leaders cannot catch up with the rapid development of the city.

Furthermore the different departments at the municipal council are
understaffed and lacked knowledgeable people who can foresee the myriads of
problems afflicting city residents

Danger lurks everywhere for city residents and their children. For instance
the city electricity supply by SOMPOWER depend of metallic poles to connect
the different estates of the city with their electricity supply this poles
are time bombs waiting to explode. Many people have been electrocuted by
the metallic posts. Another danger is dangling live electric wires which
due to heavy winds and rain disconnect and fall into the water this is
danger lurking to unsuspecting pedestrians.

By:Guled Abdi Maher