Somaliland:“Though Devoid of Recognition Our Country has Achieved much in 30 years of Sovereignty

Somaliland president defends country achievement record

Somalilandsun – Having reclaimed its sovereignty three decades from the now defunct Republic of Somalia and withstanding its non-international recognition the republic of Somaliland has turned into a world reckoned nation on how to do it alone.

This was stated by president Muse Bihi Abdi during graduation and passing out parade of the second Somaliland youth service graduation ceremony at the Dararweine forces academy of which he was chief guest.

“Comments have been circulated querying what our country has achieved in the 30 years since it withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with neighbouring Somalia, queries that seem very displaced and from visibly uninformed sources” said the president discernible in reaction to a recent release by a group of youthful intellectuals dubbed the  “Peoples’ Declaration”

Quote- In clear violation of the founding principles, the thinking and actions of the government of Somaliland are grounded on clannish, favoritism, and nepotism. Employment and other opportunities are tinted by the spoils system. Similar to pre-1991 Somalia, the government is concentrated in a single region, Hargeisa. Except the tax authorities and the security forces, decentralization of administration does not exist in regions, and services are remote from the people.

All citizens who were born in 1991 and after have never voted for members of the Parliament that are supposed to represent them. Unemployment is soaring, inequality and injustice deepened and democracy and respect of freedoms and human rights are in decline.

We believe that the government of Somaliland has dishonored the agreements entered in Burao Conference convened from 27thApril to 5th May 1991, Borama Conference of 24th January to 25th May 1993, and the Constitution of Somaliland (2001). Unquote

Of import to the head of state was the never ending condemnation of various administrations current and past as to what strides the country has taken owing to myriads of difficulties like youth unemployment, poverty, clannish, nepotism etc.



Said he, The People’ s declaration released by a number of our youthful intellectuals stated that nothing tangible has been achieved in Somaliland during its three decades of self-rule

Said president Bihi as he went on to inform that in contrary much success is acclaimed

“In this period our country has managed to survive without sovereignty recognition apart from that of Allah, external support from international bodies like the IMF, its people have no debts to pay from loans given the government, it is government by democratically elected institutions as opposed to many others worldwide and on a continuous growth both economically and structurally courtesy of its citizens among many other tangible matters, Said president Bihi

The head of state also revealed his distaste for a number of this country’s citizens who profess their allegiance to the notion of a greater Somalia which is tantamount to being traitors to their country

Said he, how can one pursue the notion of the now failed greater Somalia thus run to Mogadishu in pursuit of parliamentary or government appointive seats in a country termed as collapsed by the international community, where peace remains a dream and conflict is continuous in contrast to the very peaceful country of their birth Somaliland?

Terming these traitors sons and daughters of Somaliland as self-seekers the president said with time their crimes will catch up with them for denying their country.