Somaliland:The UN and IGAD Fail to Quell the Tukaraq War following Obstruction by the Puntland President


Somalilandsun:The UN and IGAD have failed to reach amicable solution to the Tukaraq war
pitting Somaliland and the Somalia province of Puntland. According to confidential reports reaching the Horn Newspaper the president of Puntland
Mr.Abdiweli Gaas told the UN special envoy to Somaliland /Somalia
Mr.Michael Keating that if he wants the peace talks to commence Somaliland
armed forces should withdraw their forces from Tukaraq hamlet.

The Indian Ocean newspaper last publication wrote that the president of
Puntland Mr.Abdiweli Gaas convinced the UN special representative that
Somaliland is at fault an attacked Puntland. The Indian Ocean Newsletter
further stated that Puntland administration have a far superior foreign
policy than Somaliland hence they are always on top of the game compared to
the Somaliland foreign minister Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire who is playing catch up.

The UN special representative to Somaliland and Somalia recently toured the
IGAD nation’s members to seek their support in quelling the Tukaraq fiasco
however Mr.Abdiweli Gaas of Puntland became a dilemma.

The IGAD countries want both parties to stop the Tukaraq war
unconditionally thence exchange the prisoners of war captured during the