Somalilandsun: There is no shame or stigma in having Corona


There is no shame or stigma in having Corona:


By Abdisalan Ahmed;


For the last twenty four hours ; 37 more people have tested positive for covid19 in Hargeisa. The situation is still manageable so let’s not panic. Let’s keep observing recommended precautions – washing hands, putting on masks and maintaining social distance.


People of Hargeisa, we have to get serious. We are not taking Corona with the seriousness that it deserves. If you are not worried about your health please think of the elderly and the children that you come into contact with and realise that if you infect them that you are literally putting a death sentence on them. Can you live with that? If you think this is a joke then look at how this disease has devastated Italy, the United Kingdom and New York. These are cities with far more advanced and sophisticated medical systems than ours.

Let us focus on substance not on style. The head of the coronavirus prevention committee. Mr mohamed Abdi Heergeeye is absolutely right. We need to get tested, we need to enforce social distancing, we need to reduce unnecessary movements. Many of our people are ignoring all this. Mr Heergeeye  may have been angry and forceful in his speech, maybe he is frustrated – you may not like the style of his speech or choice of words –  BUT FOCUS ON THE LIFE AND  DEATH ISSUES HE IS RAISING.

There is no shame or stigma in having Corona. The shame is if you have it and you continue infecting others because you don’t want to do the right thing.  The Country has removed the charges for testing and quarantine. The county has even set up a special Corona Hospital at  Hargeisa tuberculosis center. Hopefully they will focus on cleaning the quarantine centers. We should all support these efforts. We must support these efforts. This is not the time for politics. Corona is not a political issue. Don’t focus on the style of the speech, focus on what he is saying. Focus on the serious issues.

Picture showing social distancing at presidential palace

I have personally gone into self quarantine when I was concerned that I could even remotely be at risk. The test is unpleasant but not dangerous or painful. Please do the right thing, if not for yourself then for your family, friends and the community at large.


Let’s also encourage our neighbours & friends to go for testing. Ignorance is a weeklink in the fight against Covid-19. It’s important we know how many people are infested so that we can map out hotbeds within the county.


We are going through a difficult time, as individuals and as a nation. Businesses have closed down. Thousands have lost their jobs. Many somalilanders are facing starvation & brokenness.

Where we are limited in power, God’s strength will carry us through. What looks so impossible, God will make it possible… So let’s pray as if all our lives depend on prayers. Let’s wait and trust that in the middle of storms, God will calm the seas and see us through safely!

Lastly, assume that the person next to you is infested so that you don’t lower your guards!






The Author Abdisalan Ahmed is a lecturer and freelance writer based in Hargeisa Somaliland.
Email. tell: 0634406358