Somalilandsun Mourns the Demise of the Late Abdirahman Mohamed Diriye (Abdi Shariff)


” No one can prepare you for a loss, it comes like a swift wind but take comfort in knowing that late Abdi Shariff is now resting in the arms of our creator as a person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for he is still in our hearts & minds, through us he lives on”

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Editorial Board extends condolences to Mohamed Fauzi Abdirahman Director of Good governance , at the Somaliland Good governance & anti-corruption commission-GGACC on the untimely death of his father the late Abdirahman Mohamed Diriye (Abdi Shariff)who suddenly passed away on 11th March 2014 in Bungoma, Kenya where he was also buried.

To Mohamed Fauzi we say “take a bold heart in the knowledge that ” If events overtake your plans you should be patient for Allah is not only the all knowing who gives & takes at will but has arrangements & designs all his own for all of us”

Your dad was a great man, full of integrity & character. Your heavenly father will provide the strength & support that your dad once provided you

“While our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy we pray to Allah to succor the soul of the late Abdirahman Mohamed Diriye ( Abdi Shariff) “

The deceased leaves behind grown up son & daughters as well as grand children to whom we pray the memories of their late father & grandfather helps them secure an everlasting peace.

The Editorial Board also condoles the entire Abdi Shariff’s family starting with his spouse Mama Khadija Abdi Omar (Bungoma,Kenya), sons Mohamud Abdirahman (London),Rashid Abdirahman (London), Sharmarke Diriye Abdirahman (London), Ahmednassir Abdirahman (Canada),Anwar Abdirahman (India) Fuad Abdirahman(Saudi Arabia) Omar Abdirahman (Bungoma, Kenya)Hassan Khadar Abdirahman (Gashaamo, Ethiopia). Daughters Maimuna Abdirahman(Bungoma, Kenya)Saadia Abdirahman(Bungoma, Kenya)Sofia Suluma Abdirahman (London) & a close family friend Farhia Abdillahi Sheikh Yussuf (Hargeisa).

“May knowing you’re in the hearts and thoughts of others help you and yours through this time of sorrow