Somaliland – Global Hand Washing day 2013 Events Initiated


Location: Hargeisa,Gabilay,Somaliland

Participants:1 000 000

Organizations:CARITAS Swiss land Luxemburg moe somaliland

Somalilandsun – Hi, I am Dr. Nakrum wash activist In Somaliland and member of WSSCC Somalia,Somaliland.

We started today a program which is hand washing to 15th October 2013.This program will take part Global Hand washing Day on 15th October celebrate with overs 1000 school in the Somalia, Somali land

Somaliland Public awareness and Media Campaign, . the benefits to health of good hygiene and sanitation practice. The slagon is “The power is in your hands”one million will hear as radio and television.

Socail Media will work together all the days. and also will take part us Caritas,Switzerland, Caritias Luxembourg. MOE in Somaliland. and please add the picture withe Map of Global Hand Washing Activist. and the leaders will take part

Today Two schools of Hargeisa they start Cleaning campaign and Demonstrated hand washing with soap practices .

Dr.Abdiwhab Abdi Jama (Nakruma)

Wash Activist Somali, Somaliand

Member of WSSCC


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