Somalilandsun- 5 Children Succumb to Diarrhea in Badan District


As outbreak stabilized in Burao with eruptions reported in Wajale and Borame

A diarrhea affected child at Wajale Hospitsl Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun-As the government of Somaliland succeeds in controlling diarrhea outbreak in Burao town of Toghdeer region , other areas in the country are reporting cases of infections and deaths.
According to the mayor of Badan district council or Abadala Mohamed Fatah Five children have died in the country’s easternmost district of while seven others have been hospitalized.

In a telephone interview with journalist Feisal Heiss Werar of Dawan media group the civic leader informed that suspected cases of Diarhhea now confirmed were first reported in the Mindiir village of Badan district in Sanaag region where deaths of two sibling subsequently occurred in the late afternoon of Saturday .

“The other three died between Da’ar and Erego villages on the way from their home in Mindiir to hospital in Badan” said Mayor Abadalla
As he appealed for emergency responses from both government and international humanitarian organizations the mayor who acknowledged the unexpectedness of the outbreak said the absence of Somaliland ministry of health personnel was very discernible and disconcerting
In the meantime the ministry of health having announced success in controlling the Diarhhea outbreak in Burso town of Toghdeer region, cases of the decease are being reported in Wajale and Borame towns in the west of the country
Patients await disheartening treatment in a Somaliland hospital In the Ethiopia Somaliland border town of Wajale Ministry of health officers informed that of the 110 reported cases of Diarhhea in the past fortnight a majority have been treated successfully in Wajale town while a few patients are under observation at the district hospital.
On the other hand the minister of health Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie departed Burso in the east directly to Borame town in the West to inspect ongoing response to the outbreak in the Awdal regional capital and gateway to Ethiopia
The Diarhhea first reported in the Hawd area of the country airliner in the year termed as waterborne by the ministry of health has slowly been spreading to other parts of the country which is slowly recovering from a devastating drought , severest in over six decades.
Though initially inundated the ministry of health has come to grips with the outbreak that spread from the Ethiopian side of the Hawd to Buhoodle in Sool and later to Burao.
In Buhoodle of Sool region where over 100 residents succumbed and many others narrowly escaped with their lives the ministry of health caught off guard seems to have learned apt response strategies that have been proven in Burao where around twenty deaths occurred in the almost forthright of the outbreak.
According to the health minister Dr Haglatosie the government in close cooperation with a number of international humanitarian organizations managed to arrest major disasters from outbreak of the waterborne Diarhhea which had emanated from neighbouring Buhoodle.
Measures instituted in Burao included a movement quarantine in an out of the Toghdeer regional capital, supply of sufficient medicines and establishment of eight emergency response facilities scattered in densely populated estates and banning of infection treatment by privately owned pharmacies and hospitals.
It is therefore foreseeable that the successful response tactics employed in stabilizing the outbreak in Burao shall be similarly practiced in the areas now reporting cases of Diarhhea infections like Borame, Wajale and Badan.
In the meantime the remoteness of Badan district which among the farthest district in the east of the country thence usually not well endowed with health facilities should be a target for the ministry of health’s expedited action thence deter a major disaster.
Prior to his departure for Borame town the health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie told somalilandsun that not only shall the government through his ministry and related stakeholders respond aptly to the new outbreaks but shall also institute preemptive strategies against spread of the waterborne Diarrhea to other parts of Somaliland