Somaliland Health Association Warns Expatriate Doctors Operating Without Licenses


Somaliland sun:The chairman of Somaliland Health Association (SLHA) Dr. Ahmed Hashi Oday
has revealed that his organization will expel all expatriate doctors
operating without the blessing of the professional body.
The professional body registers all doctors operating in the country, but
of late thousands of quacks masquerading as doctors have set up clinics and
hospitals some with dubious tract record.

According to freelance journalist Guled Abdi Mahir who went on an
investigative stroll around Hargeisa found out that some these quacks have
opened herbal clinics and are prescribing wanting concoctions to
unsuspecting members of the public.

Speaking to journalist at a press conference held at his office Dr.Ahmed
sent a strong warning to health facilities employing expatriates that their
days a numbered these are his word “All doctors have to come to Somaliland
Health Association (SLHA) so that their qualifications can be verified and
a operating license and permit could be given to them whoever flouts our
directive will face the music.”

The SLHA has threatened to liaise with the immigration department to deport
the said quacks in large numbers.

“You cannot go to another country and just open a clinic without proper
documentation so Somaliland is not a dumping ground for quacks masquerading
as doctors.” Dr.Ahmed Hashi stated.

He has given all expatriate doctors two months ultimatum to register with
the professional body or pack their bags and leave the country.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir