Somaliland/Somalia: Scam Lottery: IOM Disclaimer


Press Statement: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

By: Heidrun Salzer

Somalilandsun – This is an important message from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to the people of Somalia and Somaliland.

It has come to IOM’s attention that fraudulent persons falsely identifying themselves as IOM staff members in Nairobi are contacting members of the Somali public in a false lottery scam, with the intention to get money from them.

These impersonators tell innocent victims that they have won in a lottery that would see them relocate to the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

Please be informed that these telephone calls are scams. IOM has not and does not engage in any form of lottery and wishes to distance itself from these claims.

If you receive such phone calls please ignore them, do not reply to them, and please don’t follow any requests to give anybody your money. Just hang up!

Please report any of these phone calls and email us at with any information at: and

Thank you!

Heidrun Salzer

IOM Somalia Office